Delegation of Teachers and Students from Minami Kyushu University

作者:Huang Weixuan2019/03/08 01:32

On March 7, Professor Kansai Gangkang, director of the Department of landscape architecture of Minami Kyushu University, Japan, and Professor Jiang Jingqiu, Professor of Agricultural Economics, and other 14 teachers and students came to our college for an exchange visit. President Wei Hua attended the exchange meeting.

The two sides exchanged welcome speeches. Then, Professor Makida showed the unique charm of Japanese gardens vividly in the form of pictures and texts on the development process of Japanese gardens, the characteristics of Japanese gardens and Japanese gardens overseas to our teachers and students.

On behalf of the student of the Department of Landscape Architecture, Huang Lili of our school introduced the rich classroom life of our college, especially the colorful club activities and various competitive competitions, which showed the demeanor of our teachers and students with a lively campus life. The Japanese students were divided into three groups with different entry points, showing the campus life of Minami Kyushu University and the pleasant environment, characteristic attractions and food of Miyazaki County where Minami Kyushu University is located. The atmosphere of communication between teachers and students of both sides was harmonious. After the meeting, we took a group photo together.

The visit further enhanced the mutual understanding between both sides in the construction of related majors and personnel training, and laid a foundation for further exchanges and cooperation.

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