Founded in March, 2009, the Teaching and Research Center of Political Theory is a new administration department which undertakes the teaching task of political theory forthe whole college students.

The Center has opened 3 political courses including Introduction to Mao Zedong Thoughts and Theory of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, Ideological and   oral Cultivation and Basis of Law, and Situation & Policy. It has been built into a teaching and research team with many full-time and part-time teachers, which is well structured in age, rich in teaching experience, strong in ideological and political quality. There are 7 full-time teachers including 2 teachers with vice-senior professional titles and2 with intermediate titles, and 6 part-time teachers.

The Centerhas been improving teaching means and methods and has done a good job in college students' ideological and political work and moral education work in various forms such as topic lecturing, discussion,news broadcasting, debate, speech contests, seminars, and social investigation.

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