Shanghai Vocational College of Agriculture and Forestry (SHAFC) is the only higher vocational college in Shanghai which has distinct features in modern urban agriculture. The college awarded the following titles: the Shanghai Municipal Higher Vocational College with Characteristics; one of the first batches of modern apprenticeship pilot units ratified by the Ministry of Education.

In 2002, Shanghai Vocational College of Agriculture and Forestry was founded on the basis of Shanghai Agricultural School and its school history dates back to the year 1947. It has stuck to the publicity of the school culture “Devoting to the Agriculture all the Way” and has fostered a large number of management and technical qualified personnel in accordance with the school principle “Serving the agriculture with its own unique characteristics”. Presently, 70% of the management and technical personal in the Agricultural Circle in Shanghai are the graduates in our college. There are more than 300 faculty members and more than 4,000 full-time students. The college has four campuses in Shanghai: the main campus in Songjiang District; the Lingang campus in Pudong New District; the Maogang campus in Songjiang District and the Haiwan campus in Fengxian District, which covers a total area of 239 acres.

Complete System of Agriculture-related Majors

The college has a complete system of agriculture-related majors which covers the major categories of farming, forestry, animal husbandry, side-line industry and fishery and basically meets the needs of the modern urban agriculture in Shanghai. It has established 19 majors and agriculture related majors and its students both account for more than 80% now.

Among them the major of Gardening Technology is the key major ratified by the State Forestry Administration and the major of Animal Medicine is the one supported by the central government finance and the Shanghai Municipal First-class Vocational Major under construction.

Innovative Personnel Training Mode

The College has actively explored innovative personnel training mode, and established stable school-enterprise, school-research and school-government cooperation with leading agricultural enterprises such as Bright Food (Group) Co. Ltd, Real Estate Landscape, etc., and Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences. There are more than 20 modern apprenticeship classes and school-enterprise cooperative classes between the college and agricultural enterprises.

The College has established stable and good cooperative relations with Danish, Israeli, French and Hungarian, and other relevant agricultural universities and training institutions. Every year, more than 100 students and teachers are selected to go abroad for training.

Every year, the college organizes teams to participate in the National Vocational Skills Competition for Agricultural Project Competition. It has won first prizes in many projects such as Quality and Safety Testing of Agricultural Products, Agricultural Machinery Maintenance, Determination of Antibody Level to New Castle Disease in Chicken and Flower Arrangement.

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