Founded in 2008, the Further Education Center serves as a secondary teaching unit for adult education of SHAFC. Its major responsibility is to cultivate and deliver a large number of high-quality agricultural skilled talents to Shanghai.

The Center has 3management institutions: offices (financial department, training department), Teaching Affairs Division, and Admission Division with12 full-time working staffs. It is mainly in charge of the off-campus study center of SHAFCat the ChinaAgricultural UniversityNetwork Education College, Songjiang learning center of Shanghai Jiaotong UniversityNetwork Education College, and the recruitment of students and teaching management of the adult diploma education and social training ofSHAFC.

The Center is theonly one off-campus learning center of China Agricultural Universityin Shanghai. It is running courses for the amateurs, and provides two levels of study for high-school graduates and three-year-college students who aim at university degrees. The center offers courses of 20 professional (direction) for Gardening, Horticulture, Animal Medicine, Animal Science, Food Quality and Safety, Land Resources Management, Water Resources and Hydro-Power Engineering, electrical Engineering and its Automation, Civil Engineering (Project Management Direction), the Rural Area Development, Application and Management of Agricultural Machinery Direction), Rural Regional Development (Agricultural Extension and Innovation Management Direction), Accounting, Finance, Law, Public Administration, Business Management, Agriculture, Forestry and Economic Management, Economic Management, Finance, Rural Financial Direction), Computer Science and Technology. Now it hasover 3000 students, and the number of students enrollment stays at the top among off-campus learning centersof China Agricultural University’s Network Education

As the only one off-campus learning station of Shanghai Jiaotong University in Songjiang District, the Center mainly recruit people who have high school or college diplomas to attend college or university study. The studentsare supposed to use their spare time to complete the credits and pass the unified exams of College English andComputer ApplicationBasics for the national network education. Thus, they can get the graduation certificates issued by Shanghai Jiaotong University. It offers13 majors:International Economy and Trade, Finance, Accounting, Business Administration, Marketing, Human Resources Management and Administrative Management, Project Management, Ship and Ocean engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Mechanical Design and Manufacturing and its Automation, Electrical Engineering and its Automation,International Logistics.

The Center offers various training programs for leadersin agro forestry systems in Shanghai and even the whole country, forestry technology popularization personnel, rural practical talents, new professional farmers, three types of students (such as technical secondary school, vocationalschooland technical school). It has been named as the National Outstanding Appraisal Station for Agricultural Professional Skills by the Ministry of Agriculture; and as ShanghaiEducation Training Base for Rural Leaders by Shanghai Municipal Committee of Organization Department and the Municipal Committee of the Rural Work Office. The center will make full use of high-quality teaching resources of SHAFC totrain more talents for SanNong.

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