Located at Wushe Demonstration Zone of Songjiang Modern Agriculture Park, covering an area of ??270 mu with the floor area of 6864 m2, the Practical Training Base for Shanghai Agriculture School and SHAFCE consists of students’ residential Building, teaching and training building, and training and management building. The base has 11 teachers, including 4 teachers with senior professional titles, and 4 with intermediate titles. Moreover, more than 20 skillful craftsmen are employed from various fields of agriculture. Its long-term goals are to depend on SHAFC, to open fully, to share resources, and to develop with sustainability. It has been working to promote its connotation construction, to shoulder the responsibility of serving the education and the development of local economic development.

The base actively meets the needs of the production practice of campus backbone major sand training courses.  In order to offer service for three majors of Gardening Technology, Horticulture Technology and Science of Animals, 4 parks and 6 rooms in the base have been established: Garden Trees Identification Training Park, Turf Establishment Training Park, Fruits Cultivation Training Room, Seed Engineering Training Room, Animal Diagnosis and Treatment Room , Animal Beauty Training Room, Animal Domestication Training Room, Intelligent Greenhouse Room, Biological Greenhouse Room, and Cultivating Room. Every park and every room have standard facilities and operational norms. The base can receive 200 students for accommodations and practical training.

Agro-176 Professional skills Identification Center of the Department of Agriculture and No 82 Occupational Identification Center of Shanghai are located in the base. So it has the qualification to identify 12 kinds of work with different levels in flower and gardening, vegetable and animal disease control. With the guidance that training is producing, the base standardizes the training and the process. The products of our students’ training have been in circulation. 23 products, including rice, grapes, and vegetables, have been identified as pollution-free products. And all these products will apply for the identification of green products.

The base carries out the principle that vocational education serves local economic development. The base has held several social activities aiming at training teenagers with agricultural knowledge and environmental knowledge, which offers opportunities for primary and middle schools’ quality-oriented education. The base aims to train personnel, vocational school teachers, unemployed workers and the agricultural surplus. It also spreads the expertise and serves the whole demonstration zone.

The training base is a demonstration base for the national youth agricultural and scientific popularization, for Songjiang teenagers social practice and for Shanghai Songjiang youth quality-oriented education. All these honors lay a solid foundation for its sustainable development.

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