Now the Department has 3 majors: Animal Medicine, Animal Science and Aquaculture, with 5 training labs, one animal hospital for training, one experimental animal domestication center and Wushe Comprehensive Animal Training Base.

 Among 14 existing full-time teachers, there are 2 professors, 1 associate professor, 2 with vice-senior professional titles, 1 senior experimentalist, 4 with intermediate titles. At the same time, the department also invites 20 experts from other related enterprises as part-time teachers.

 With the rich experience accumulated in the practical teaching and research, teachers in the Department have already published more than 50 academic papers and edited 6 text-books for technical colleges, sub-edited 10 books and participated in compiling 8 books. It has 2 municipal-level excellent courses of Shanghai and one teaching team of “Animal Medicine Team of Shanghai” and one teacher who enjoys the title of Star Teacher of Shanghai.

 The department teachers have accumulated rich experience and information in teaching and scientific research, some excellent teachers have been invited as consultants or technical advisers to participate in management of the enterprises and offer technical services.

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