There are 4 majors in the department: Horticulture Technology, Seeds Production and Management, Facility Agriculture Technology and Crop Production Technology, among which Horticulture Technology, Seeds Production and Management and Crop Production Technology have set up teaching and research offices. It is the vice president unit of Shanghai Flower Arrangement Association; the director of Shanghai Horticultural Society and the director of Shanghai Agricultural Association. The major of Horticulture Technology is the key construction major for the Shanghai 085 and Shanghai characteristic higher vocational college. It is also the first batch of modern apprenticeship pilot major of the Ministry of Education. Meanwhile, the major of Horticulture Technology has set up the pilot class of middle and high school with Shanghai Agricultural School, and has carried out the cooperation project of college upgrading education with University of Szeged.

The department has 26 faculties, including 17 full-time teachers, among whom there are 1 star teacher of Shanghai, 1 national star teacher in agriculture vocational education, 1 person won the first prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award, 1 person won the Shanghai Gardener Award, 2 people won the Shanghai Education Award, and 3 members of the Shanghai Agricultural Commission’s Expert Service Group. Besides, there are 9 teachers with deputy senior professional titles and 5 intermediate professional titles, 1 doctoral teacher, 1 doctoral teacher, 12 master's degree teachers, 13 dual-qualified teachers, and more than 20 industry and enterprise experts are employed as part-time professional leaders and part-time teachers. The teachers and students of this department have repeatedly achieved good results in national skill competitions and municipal competitions.

The teaching team of horticultural technology is a municipal teaching team in Shanghai, which has 4 Shanghai-level quality courses. The teachers in this department presided over and participated in 36 scientific research projects, 1 approved variety in Shanghai, 11 teaching materials edited, 12 teaching materials Deputy edited, 25 teaching materials participated in editing, and 66 papers were published in core journals and other journals at home and abroad. The Department of Plant Sciences and Technology actively explores the talent training model of school-enterprise cooperation and the combination of work and learning, and has successively organized many school-enterprise cooperation classes such as the "May 4th Class", "Rice Industry Class", and "Seedling Class". Among them, the innovation and practice of the "May 4th Class" with dual subjects won the "First Prize of Shanghai Municipal Teaching Achievement".

The department has set up 12 experimental training rooms and production sites, such as a floriculture workshop, a digital integrated microscope laboratory, a pest specimen laboratory, a plant protection experimental training room, a seed testing laboratory, an embossing creation room, a soil and fertilizer experimental training room, a plant tissue culture laboratory, a flower pot art training room, a vegetable mechanized production training ground, a factory seedling production base, and a 200 mu ecological agriculture and forestry vocational education training base named Wushe in Songjiang District, as well as 18 18 off-campus training bases including Shanghai Cangqiao Crystal Pear and Shanghai Guangming Senyuan. The facilities and equipment conditions meet the professional training needs of students, and provide a service platform for teachers' teaching, research, and social training.

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